Laminas Prototype

Project based on Laminas. Modular engine for my project of websites.

BRA Klimat

Company website including hourly reports (weekly, monthly, yearly), adding and managing projects, index of all reports.

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Ubuntu-EFC (extremely fast configuration) It is a package of scripts for the quick configuration of the ubuntu system. Includes backup tools and many other useful scripts. There are two versions, UD-EFC for desktop and US-EFC for server.

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Nazywam się Piotr Król I'm 37 years old.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you will enjoy.

Jestem programistą; Zamieniam idee w zrealizowany projekt.

I spend a lot of time on application development of technologies: Laminas (ex Zend Framework), PHP, Bash, C#. Lubię również dobrą zabawę i naukę innych języków. Teraz skupiam się na Postfix i Dovecot. I do programming in PHP, C#, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but many years ago I used also Pascal, C++, Python. I use technologies .NET Framework, Laminas, Laravel, databases, and much more...

Programowanie to moja pasja Everything that a man is able to imagine, is able to program.

You are welcome to contact me.

Jeżeli zabałaganione biurko jest oznaką zabałaganionego umysłu, oznaką czego jest puste biurko?

Albert Einstein

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